The aims, purpose and constitution of the of the Green Seniors Group

Green Seniors re-formed  friday 29th november 2013

Green Seniors Group is part of the Green Political Party, with the object of promoting co-operation with similar bodies throughout UK, Europe and worldwide, encouraging and supporting, understanding on matters affecting senior citizens.

To safeguard and promote the well being of senior citizens, and in particular to ensure that government policy or the application of it does not disadvantage them in any way, but takes their special needs into account.

Areas that should be considered could include, but not be limited to:- ·
No discrimination in the access to and provision of health care ·
A fair and equitable pension provision that keeps pace with the cost of living
Availability of continuing education
Promotion of respect for and the human dignity and rights of the elderly ·
Bridging the divide between generations


1. Green Seniors , is a group open to members of the Green Party of England & Wales , (hereinafter GPEW), who share its aims , principles and interests as detailed above

Membership of Green Seniors  shall be open to any current members of GPEW. who share the aims and objectives of Green Seniors The usual method of joining will be by application to the Green Seniors' Committee.

The Green Seniors  Committee shall comprise  Co-Chairs, Secretary, Membership Secretary and  Treasurer, Events/Social Officer, TU Liaison Officer. Other Committee posts may be created by the Committee as necessary subject to ratification by a meeting of Green Seniors

The Committee shall normally be elected at the AGM.

The Annual general Meeting (AGM) of Green Seniors Green Seniors shall normally take place annually and be open to all Green Seniors’ members

Ordinary meetings of Green Seniors   shall take place as decided by the Committee and .be open to all Green Seniors'  members

Extra Ordinary General Meetings can be called by petition of 25% of Green Seniors   members or 10 Green Seniors'   members (whichever is the larger), or by a majority decision of the Green Seniors' Committee . EGMs can consider and enact motions to re-elect the Committee.

Committee meetings shall take place if necessary between other meetings; usually they shall be open to all Green Seniors   members.

Where possible an Ordinary meeting of Green Seniors   shall be held at GPEW National Conference, this may be additional to the normal schedule of Ordinary meetings of Green Seniors  .

Decisions at GREEN SENIORS   meetings shall be by majority vote where necessary. Contentious or tied issues may be decided by a poll of all Green Seniors   members

Committee members may take decisions or communicate on behalf of Green Seniors  between Ordinary meetings of Green Seniors  on matters that arise during these times, their decisions and communications shall be subject to ratification by a meeting of Green Seniors  .

Green Seniors may raise funds on its own behalf or for GPEW for campaigns and other activities in line with Green Seniors   aims.

Green Seniors may  open a bank account to keep its funds which shall be spent in pursuance of its aims.

Green Seniors  shall encourage the formation of local Green Seniors  groups

9 The Green Seniors'   constitution maybe changed at an AGM or an EGM.

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