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A Senior Group affiliated to the Green Party, open to
Green party members, promoting understanding on 
matters affecting Seniors and encouraging co-operation 
with similar bodies in the UK, Europe and worldwide.
·         To safeguard and promote the wellbeing of senior citizens,
·         To ensure that government policy or the application of it
    does not disadvantage them in any way, but takes their 
    special needs into account.
·         No discrimination in the access to and provision of health 

·         A fair and equitable pension provision that keeps pace with 
    the cost of living.
·         Availability of continuing education.
·         Promotion of respect for and the human dignity and rights 
    of the elderly.

GREEN SENIORS is affiliated to the National 
Pensioners’ Convention (http://npcuk.org/)  

Climate change motion below

 “ As part of our commitment to intergenerational solidarity, 
we call on  the National Pensioners’ Convention to campaign, 
with Unions, the TUC and relevant pressure groups for 
Government to plan for  immediate transition to a carbon zero
 economy, including: · support for wind, tidal and solar energy; 
· retrofit of public buildings to become carbon neutral · abandon
 fracking and the import of any fracked gas or tar sand oil · 
transfer fossil fuel subsidies to sustainable  energy generation ·
phase out of fossil fuel power. We note that · Keeping global 
warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius or below is essential if  human
civilisation is to be sustained. · The technology exists to make a 
 transition to a sustainable carbon neutral society, but this is 
 incompatible with high levels of inequality and personal 


Green Seniors website http://www.greenseniors.co.uk/
Green Seniors blog at:greenseniors.blogspot.co.uk
Send items for the blog to P.Murry at: 
yrrumuk@googlemail.com - as text, jpg pictures, or video
European Network Green Seniors (ENGS).Ute Schmitz - 
Secretary General and Chair Birgit Heinhard European website:www.greenseniors.eu
London Co-Chair : Maureen Childs MBCS BSc CITP
 Fellow RSA  e-mail: greeenseniors@greenparty.org.uk
London Co-Chair : 
Noel Lynch  e-mail: noellynch@lineone.net

Membership is free  to Green Party members



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