Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Tell Boris Johnson: we need to work with Europe

From the start, the UK government's response to the coronavirus crisis has been clouded by the ideology of Brexit and isolationism. They've refused to take part in EU ventilator scheme, and they've ignored international advice on testing and lockdown.

At the moment, Boris Johnson's plan is not to extend the Brexit transition period beyond 31st December this year. This would be a disaster - walking away from Europe, with barely any time to negotiate a deal, just when we need to be working together. It would also mean losing access to vital European medical schemes. 
Tell Boris Johnson: we need to work with Europe
That's why we're launching a campaign to demand 3 things of the government:
  1. Pause the Brexit transition period until a vaccine is available to everyone
  2. Keep Britain in the European Medicines Agency
  3. Ensure that Britain remains a member of the European Health Insurance Card scheme
You can write to Boris Johnson with just a couple of clicks by using this tool.

If you agree with us, and want to spread the word, give it a share on social media.


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