Friday, 17 April 2020

We are demanding a 'right to stay' ,


While migrants working in our NHS, shops and farms are risking their lives to feed us and fight the virus, their rights are being undermined and targeted by the Hostile Environment. Brexit means that 3.5 million Europeans are being forced to go through an applications process to get status in the UK.

We are demanding a 'right to stay' , so that EU citizens are given an automatic right to remain here, without an application. But without being able to march or rally, what can we do under lockdown? Well, you can now get posters for your window delivered to your door. 
Get your 'right to stay' window poster here
The posters should arrive with you within a few days. If you've got time on your hands, you could also make a banner (like these), and if you send us photos over social media and we'll share them. Next week, we'll also be releasing a tool to allow you to write to your MP about the Right to Stay with a single click.

Getting posters sent out all over the country isn't free, so if you can spare some cash, why not chip in to cover some costs. 
Chip in for 5 posters
Chip in for 10 posters
Chip in for 30 posters
Chip in for 100 posters
Thanks, and hope you're well.

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