Wednesday, 9 October 2019

MINUTES GREEN SENIORS MEETING 6/10/2019 at Green Party Conference, Newport

MINUTES GREEN SENIORS MEETING  6/10/2019 at Green Party Conference, Newport

1) P.Murry introduced Green Seniors  mentioning that:

·      Membership of GS is open to all GP members who are interested in ‘senior’ issues, irrespective of age.
·      GS meets regularly in London, but members are encouraged to set local/regional groups.
·      Details of GS’ aims, constitution, current committee and minutes of previous GS meetings can be found at which is linked from the GP members’ site.
·      GS also has a twitter account and a facebook page which needs updating.
·      Maureen Childs regularly organises visits to places and events of interest in and around London for GS members.
·      GS is affiliated to  the National Pensioners Convention (
·      GS, along with some other internal GP groups, is being offered £400 to fund it’s activities. To use this it will be necessary to open a bank account and elect a Treasurer to run it.

2) TV Licenses campaign, GS members had supported this, but some felt that it was an example of how many older people were privileged in terms of housing, income etc relative to younger generations.

3) In the context of GP and elsewhere the experience of seniors was often ignored

4) GP local/regional parties should make age profiles of their memberships.

5) Some members present proposed to liaise in order to organise a GS conference.

5.30 pm at Café Caritas 30 Euston Square, London NW1 2FB
1. Introductions and alterations to agenda
2. report on Green Seniors’ activities 2018-9 including Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 16 August 2019

3. Election of Green Seniors’ committee 2019/20
Nominations are invited for the following posts
Events Officer

Please send Nominations or expressions of interest to Peter Murry, Acting Secretary at

4. Green Seniors’ constitution
5 Future events and activities including social media
6. AOB
7. Date of next meeting

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