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This is What Democracy Looks Like conference.AUGUST 31

This is What Democracy Looks Like conference.AUGUST 31
With three weeks to go, we're proud to announce the full line up of our 
Trade unionists like Lynn Henderson from the PCS and Sam Tarry from TSSA 
will be rubbing shoulders with national journalists like 
Paul Mason and Dawn Foster,
 politicians like Jon Trickett MP and Julie Ward MEP and local community 
activists including Sue BowenCllr Amna Abdullatifand Charlotte Hughes.
This conference will address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in
 campaigning for real democracy today. 
Meeting these challenges is not an optional extra for the labour movement – 
it is part of its historic purpose.
Get your ticktes now for this major Manchester meeting.

10.15 – 11.15 LAUNCH PLENARY
“Then And Now: Overhauling Our Broken Democracy” Looking back on the legacy of Peterloo – and the labour movement’s role in our democratic history. What lessons can we take to inform a vision for the kind of democracy we need?
·  Paul Mason – Journalist and author
·  Lynn Henderson – Politics for the Many Chair and PCS National Political Officer
·  Katy Ashton – Director, Manchester People’s History Museum
The People Demand – Voices from those ‘locked out’ of democracy.

1. Women in politics: how to breakthrough the barriers?
·  The Parliament Project
2. The power of community: Energising local democracy
·  Jess Blair – ERS Cymru
·  Ed Cox – Director of Public Services & Communities RSA
·  Sue Bowen – Former Coordinator, East Manchester Community Forum
·  Pauline Grandison – Act As If You Own the Place
3. Locked out: 200 years after Peterloo, why the poorest are still the least represented
·  Ian Allinson – President, Manchester TUC
·  Charlotte Hughes – Writer,
·  Dawn Foster – Columnist
4. Missing voices: Young people, minorities and the political system
·  Poppy Turner – Manchester Momentum
·  Rick Burgess – Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People
·  Jake Woodier – UK Youth Climate Coalition
·  Dr Katy Sian – Lecturer in Sociology
·  Emma Greenwood – UK Youth Climate Coalition
12.30 – 1.15 – LUNCH
“Transforming The World: A Democratic Revolution to Win Social Change”
Delivering social change requires a revolution in how we do democracy. Join us for this inspiring session.
·  Dr Jess Garland – Electoral Reform Society
·  Jon Trickett MP – Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office
·  Cllr Amna Abdullatif – Manchester Ardwick
The Change We Need – Taking the provocations from the workshops Round 1 and the middle plenary, we go into more detail about our ideas for reform and key discussions around what works, and what doesn’t.
1. Westminster isn’t working: what does a democracy for the many look like?
·  Christine Berry – Author, Preparing for a Corbyn Government
·  Pauline Bryan – Labour Peer
·  Julie Ward MEP
2. Delivering economic transformation: why does democratic reform matter?
·  Sam Tarry – President of Class & National Political Officer TSSA
·  Hilary Wainwright – Editor, Red Pepper
3. A corrupt constitution: how do we rebuild trust in our political system?
·  Adam Ramsay – Editor, Open Democracy
4. Where do we go from here? How do we build a movement for real democracy?
·  Lynn Henderson – Politics for the Many Chair and PCS National Political Officer
“Politics For The Many: A New Movement for Democracy”
·  Willie Sullivan – ERS Scotland
·  Holly Rigby – Momentum

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