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Agenda: Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 16 August 2019 6pm

Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 16 August 2019 6pm meeting at the Green Room 7 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley 

1.   Apologies and alterations to agenda
2.  Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting:  Friday 17 May 2019
3 Green Seniors membership list and social media
4.   GPEW Conference:
a) review and spring 2019: including the Holistic Review
b) autumn 2019
Newport - ICC Wales, 4-6 October 2019
a) Members unable to attend conference may give a proxy to a member able to attend. This can be done via the webform on the members’ website, or by notification to SOC by the proxy giver, identifying their name and local party, and the name and local party of the proxy holder. A physical form will be available at conference for those leaving but wishing to allocate their vote. A member may hold a maximum of five proxy votes.
The Agenda deadlines for Autumn Conference 2019 have been set by the Standing Orders Committee (SOC) as below. 

Agenda Deadline
18th July 2019
Pre-Agenda deadline: Final date for posting outlines of intended motions and policy papers to the Pre-Agenda forum on the new members website here

1st August 2019 
First Agenda deadline: Final date for submission of final text of motions and policy papers to SOC.
This can be done via a webform [link to follow] or by emailing
15th August 2019
Publication of the First Agenda, and opening of the Prioritisation Ballot [links to follow]
29th August 2019 
Final date for posting of amendments to the forums on the members’ website [links to follow]
5th September 2019

Final Agenda deadline
Final versions of amendments must be submitted - by a minimum of four co-proposers - via the webform [link to follow]
or email to 
12th September 2019
Final date for submission of Late Motions to Conference [link to follow]
19th September 2019 
Publication of the Final Agenda (latest)
dates for late & emergency motions?
The late motion deadline is? and must relate to an issue that has arisen since the closing of the Pre-Agenda Forum.
Emergency Motions do not have a deadline except that they must be before 6pm on the evening before and must relate to an issue that has arisen since the Late Motion deadline. 
b)   fringes and meetings: Secretary awaiting forms from head office
c)   Autumn Conference 2019 Newport stall: Secretary has received forms, NB “We are also now asking groups to commit to adhering to the Code of Conduct as standard, so that is also attached for reference. The Code of Conduct was circulated, and the meeting agreed that Green Left will adhere to it.
d) Autumn Conference Watermelon deadline 31/8,
articles of 500-1000 words needed.

5   London federation and elections (monthly meeting is on Monday 19 August at 7pm(doors open 6.30pm) at Living Space Waterloo, 1 Coral Street, SE1 7BE.  Annual General meeting will be on Saturday 19 October from 11am at the Bolney Meadow Community Centre in Vauxhall –
6 Future Green Seniors evenys & activities:

LESE Pensioners' Network Seminar 2019 Update themed on Loneliness and Isolation

Dear LESE Pensioners’ Network supporters

 annual Seminar for 2019 
themed on Loneliness and Isolation - Tuesday 3 September (10am – 3.30pm) @ TUC Congress House

featuring and thanks to:
·      Ageing Better in Camden
·      Campaign to End Loneliness
·      CWU
·      National Pensioners Convention
·      There are a few other bodies to be confirmed,  it is hoped British Red Cross will be in attendance to cover attached Report.  
·      Unfortunately we were unable to secure annual Shadow Minister

The Seminar will cover:
Pensions (CWU)
Day to day support groups (Ageing Better in Camden / Campaign to End Loneliness)
Save the TV Licence Campaigning (National Pensioners Convention)

·      The best way the Seminar works is with constructive dialogue from beginning to end best serving the attendee.
·      If you have any questions/queries beforehand do not hesitate to make contact.
·      so guest speakers have opportunity to address the vital matters in their opening address – please say what you would like to see address by them - so other fresh questions can be answered in Q&A.
·      Please address all your points you wish covered by Friday 16 August 2019   

There will be guaranteed space for estimated 140 delegates, but if demand is greater room will hopefully expand to 500 delegates (FREE admission – all welcome)   
So please book early when advertised to avoid disappointment, as the larger space is not guaranteed.
There will also be information stalls at Seminar.

7. Brexit and Seniors
9 Date of Next meeting 

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