Monday, 20 May 2019

Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 17 May 2019

Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 17 May 2019 6pm meeting at the Green Room 7 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley 

Present: P.Murry, N.Lynch, M. Childs, Erwin Schaefer

1.  Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting:  Friday 15 March 2019; Matters Arising
a)    Problems with proposed use of older people as carers eg: wage rates, support with problems.
b)    Meeting of the Trade Union Clean Air Network (TUCAN), Thursday, June 20th, 2019 .30pm – 4.00pm, UCU, Carlow St, London NW1 7LH Let us know if you can attend by registering with Janet Newsham on
c) Local GP contacts for London possible, still need to find out other regions.

Green Seniors membership list Noel to report.

3 Green Seniors social media, blog, website and email list active. Noel and Maureen invited to have posting rights on Green Seniors’ blog, also Erwin Schaefer. GS Facebook and Twitter accounts seem to have vanished probably due to lack of attention.

4.   GPEW Conference: review and spring 2019:
a)    Green Seniors’ meeting: currently scheduled for 15.15-16.30 Sunday 9 June, Jay Ginn to speak on pensioners, needs publicising with hand bills at the conference:
b)    Libraries fringe Saturday 8 June 10.30-11.45 (Libraries are vital for the common good. How do we campaign against closures, cut-backs & replacement by volunteer libraries?)
c) Has SOC ruled the Holistic review out of order ? SOC report 14.00-15.30 Friday 7 June
5   London Federation not meeting on 20/5/2019 due to euro election. Dissatisfaction expressed with running of London Federation. Distribution of materials for euro election nhad been sometimes shambolic.

6 Green Seniors activities
a)    LOPSIG (?) now defunct ,activities taken over by with Positive Ageing In London.
b)    TfL meeting re truncating bus routes, not good enough to encourage seniors and disabled people to use trains.
c) TV licenses , BBC to pay for licences for those aged 75+?
d) ‘Toyboy Tax’ pensioners disqualified from benefits if they have a working Partner. Maureen attended meeting in Amber Rudd’s constituency.
e)    Amazon demo of voice activated IT devices, Barbican 13/6/2019.

7. Brexit and Seniors: objections to stereotype that all older people are pro-Brexit and unconcerned about the environment.

a)    Leaflets re making a ‘Green will’ available from Noel Lynch who is also seeking a solicitor who will assist with this pro bono.
b)    contacts with GP disabled people’s group difficult, would there be problems with joint meeting ?
c)    contact with GP health group re NHS issues.

9 Date of Next meeting Friday 9 August 2019