Friday, 26 October 2018

Notes Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 26/10/201

Notes Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 26/10/2018 6pm meeting at the Green Room 7 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley 

1.  Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting:  Friday 31/08/2018: Matters Arising
a) Sandra McLeod Hackney GP., please contact Green Seniors, do you still wish to be Treasurer? (you said you might at Conference).
b) Peoples Vote march (anti-brexit), central London,23/6/2018 massive turnout Caroline Lucas spoke, also on 20/10/2018, estimated 700,000 turnout, reports of a large GP bloc.
c)  International Eco Socialist Network meeting currently exists as email list, website and fb page: contact if you wish to join.
d) )  Greener Jobs Alliance: agm Tuesday, January 29th, 2019. This will take place at UCU, Carlow St, London NW1 7LH from 12.00 - 2.30 with Chi Onwurah, Shadow Industrial Strategy Minister, 
e) Lucas Conference working groups: Will be editing THE PLAN film down to 30 mins, 3½ hr version shown at BFI and London Film Festival , also organising meeting in Derby on November 24 and other future meetings planned.
f)   Is age discrimination legal? Yes, under EOps Act.
g) Green Seniors email list complaints re spam notified to GP head further developments
h) Green Seniors site still not listed on GP home page, Maureen still following this up. 
i)     No luck approaching British Computer Society
j)    Conrad Taylor will be speaking on Seniors and Apps, possibly at Toynbee Hall.
k)  Maureen attended Barbara Keeley MP talk “Who Cares About Care? “at TUC 9/4/2018.
l)    Irish campaign to pay grandparents caring for children. Might succeed.
m)       Financial crisis in social care sector, privatisations failing.
n) Maureen involved in research into needs of older people in Tower Hamlets. Presentation of results had been disappointing. Maureen Maureen has contacted Tower Hamlets  Cllr Rachel Blake  with a view to contacting the newly appointed older peoples champion who spoke at the Older Peoples Day at Toynbee Hall. In the light of all the requests for volunteers we are concerned that young people under  the age of 18 are not required to have police checks. Maureen has contacted Liverpool Street Police Station and local advice groups who simply do not know!!

3 Green Seniors membership list: Noel Lynch to report
4.   GPEW Conference: review and spring 2019
a) Fringe: Digital Exclusion not accepted. Perhaps try again at Spring conference with Disability group, Maureen had contacts.
b) Positive Green Seniors meeting, concerns expressed re transport issues and IT & computing. YG’s invited to send rep, but no show. Some YG’s had suggested a buddy system, The Young Greens representative was Claudine Lefsal. She recommended GS should consider Twitter and a buddy telephone system We have done both and both have proven to be unsuccessful for a number of reasons. Please contact Maureen if anyone has further experience of either suggested solutions.
c)  Stall successful
d) Holistic review passed and would now go to referendum of members, discussion on GP membership site.

5   London Federation and GLA elections
a) London Federation agm took place on 20/10/18, gs stall. New committee elected, proceedings curtailed for pv demo.
b) GLA elections constituency selections taking place, framework for list and mayoral selections agreed.
6 Future Green Seniors activities: Age Action 30/10/18 @ the Claremont Project, 24 White Lion St, London N1 9PD
b) Maureen attended Morley College event on positive ageing, raised issue of freedom passes continuing after April 2020.
c). LOPSIC (?) need to consider elders’ rights and put pressure on the Mayor of London
d) National Pensioners’ Convention meeting at House of Commons 24/10/18 Maureen spoke re retaining freedom pass
e) Recurring points that are brought up and debated at so many events.
·       Lack of Transport  in Rural areas that have knock on effects on the elderly
·       Lack of toilets. Some seniors unable to leave the house is this is of concern to them.
·       IT problems, expense and rip offs with IT companies taking advantage of seniors lack of knowledge.
·       Aggressive persuasion of care Home Owners and other companies ie Equity Release etc to 'grab' the family home.
·       Suspect Funeral plans.

8 Date of Next meeting Friday 18 January 6pm meeting at the Green Room 7 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley