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Notes Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 8/6/2018

Notes Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 8/6/2018

1.   Apologies: Malcolm Bailey, Erwin Schaefer
2.  Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting:  Friday 11/5/2018: Agreed for accuracy

3. Matters arising:
a)Nomination received and accepted for post of G.S Treasurer from Caroline of Hackney GP.
b)Regional/local gs groups. No further news re "Old Greens North@, Maureen to contact Martin Collins via me.
c) Maureen contacted National Pensioners’ Convention re campaigning against proposals to make Pensioners pay NI contributions .no reply as yet.

4) Green Seniors membership list , indication from Head office via GPTU meeting that sub-groups of GP were covered by GP members decisions to join to GP which entailed being contacted re GP activities

5).   GPEW Conference:
GP Autumn Conference 2018, Autumn Conference 2018 - 5-7 October, Bristol City Hall
We are pleased to be able to confirm that Autumn Conference will be held from 5-7 October at Bristol City Hall. Registration will open on 1 July. 
The Agenda deadlines for Autumn Conference 2018 have been set by the Standing Orders Committee (SOC) as follows: 
Agenda Deadline
26 July
Pre-Agenda deadline: Final date for posting of motions and policy papers to the Pre-Agenda forum on the members website here

2 August
First Agenda deadline: Final date for notification of text of motions and policy papers to SOC
16 August
Publication of the First Agenda, and opening of the Prioritisation Ballot  
30 August 
Final date for posting of amendments to the members’ website.
6 September 
Final Agenda deadline: final text of amendments to SOC 
20 September
Publication of the Final Agenda (latest)
Final date for Late Motions to Conference 

a)  Suggestions for fringe: Digital Exclusion: a term used to describe the exclusion of many people by the closure of public facilities eg: Job Centres, banks, post offices, libraries, police stations etc: which was often excused by suggesting that the services offered could now be accessed on line by anyone. This was untrue and also this development entailed many job losses. Possible speaker from PCS (The Public and Commercial Services Union) and or an unemployed workers  group. This proposal was supported by the Green Party Trade Union group. PM to draft application

b)  Meetings Introduction to Green Seniors: PM to draft application
c)  Stall: PM to draft application, Relevant materials needed for stall

6) London Local elections
a) Delayed local by-election in Willesden Green, 3 Green candidates, day of action on Sunday 17 June and other campaigning up to and including polling day Thursday 21st June, Offers of help much appreciated, please contact
Peter Murry on
b) Parliamentary by-election in Lewisham, if the Labour candidate was elected a local by-election would follow.

7)Holistic Review submission sent no reply as yet.

8) AoB
b)Campaign against Climate Change | visit to PNR Anti-fracking camp 9/6/2018
Join the Fire Brigades Union as we march to Downing Street with Justice4Grenfell on 16 June to demand justice for the victims of the disaster (
e)Peoples Vote march (anti-brexit), central London, Caroline Lucas speaking 23/6/2018 (
f)   Don’t Take The NHS For Granted – Stand Up To The Tories On June 30th (
g)International eco socialist network meeting 7/7 London venue tbc)
h)Lucas Conference working groups : organising an action day in Derby on July 21st & crowdfunding for ‘The Plan’ full scale film re the original Lucas plan
i)   Greener Jobs Alliance:  latest Greener Jobs Alliance newsletter. We hope you find it a useful update on climate change and work.
j)   Trump visit?
k) Film Screening and Audience Q&A:
Unsung Hero: The Jack Jones Story
Monday 2 July 2018, 7-9.30pm
FREE ADMISSION (registration essential) Congress House, 23-28 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS Please Register: / 020 7467 1220 
l)   Green Party Leader/deputy leader elections: Should Green Seniors draft a list of questions for candidates?
m)               What is the National Pensioners’ Education & Welfare centre? Linked to NPC?
n) Is age discrimination legal? Ask Alan Wheatley, see also message from Paul Philo link to report on ageism from The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH)  Basis for a motion to conference? (link to report on ageism from RSPH. Basis for a motion to conference?
o)) London GP New members’ meeting 29/6/2018 Marchmont Street Community Centre, 62 Marchmont St, Kings Cross, London WC1N 1AB contact
p) GP fundraising walk, themed around commemorating the suffragettes 8th July contact

Next meeting Friday 10 August  6pm meeting at the Green Room 7 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley 

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