Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Notes Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 6/4/2018

Notes Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 6/4/2018 6pm meeting at the Green Room 7 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley 

1.   Apologies: Malcolm Bailey, Erwin Schaefer
2.  Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting: Wednesday 8/2/2018 Agreed for accuracy
3 Matters Arising:
a      Nominations still open for post of G.S Treasurer.
b      Leaflet for new members designed, distributed at conference, Maureen (Maureen Childs greenseniors@greenparty.org.uk) has copies.
c      P. Murry had agreed to defer NHS AND SOCIAL CARE motion to discuss with GP heath working group: no further news
d     Blank display stand/banner available
4.   Ucu Retired Members’ motions
·       Disinvestment of USS pension fund: passed unanimously on 9/4/2018
·       Affiliation to Greener Jobs Alliance : report back passed unanimously on 9/4/2018
5 .   GPEW Conference report, stall quite successful given that conference was poorly attended due to weather.
6   London Local elections Maureen Childs standing in Tower Hamlets, Noel Lynch in  North Finchley, Peter Murry in Willeseden Green.
7 GS website temporarily down, blog still up at greenseniors.blogspot.com/
8 Maureen doing research via Toynbee Hall
Maureen Childs attended Positive Aging event at Europe House and picked up some very useful and interesting facts about the Silver Economy - How the 50+ Bring prosperity to London and the UK. 
The silver economy is the biggest growth sector in the UK
More older people are working longer. More older people are volunteering and caring.
Older over 80s/90s and centurions are also carers while many need health and social care - which is an economic dynamic as well as a cost.
2.3 million older people in London
Paid work contributes £47 billion per year to the capital.
16% of older Londoners provide an economic contribution of £4.7 bn per year.
85,000 London families receive childcare from grandparents worth £0.6 bn per year.
39% are regular volunteers (London) worth £0.8bn.
Nationally around £45 billion of tax revenues contributed by over 65-year-olds in 2010 will rise to £82 billion by 2030.
Carers UK  report informal caring is worth £30 billion. Volunteering worth £10 billion.
Volunteering needs to be recognized as unpaid work.

AgeUK report £61 billion economic contributions of the over 65's.
All this contribution needs to be recognized and promoted and needs to be incorporated in the Mayor's strategy.
Figures were given by Chris Walsh of Positive Aging.
For more detail please contact either Maureen or Positive Aging.

Maureen has also taken part in Research of older peoples needs in Tower Hamlets. Conducted by Natasha Munoz at Toynbee Hall.
The results reflect the figures from Postive Aging to some extent. We found also found that 38.6% of the population of Tower Hamlets are Male and 52.0% female. 44% of the population of Tower Hamlets live alone.

10 Next meeting Friday11th May 6pm meeting at the Green Room 7 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley 

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