Thursday, 8 March 2018

Forthcoming Green Mondays/White Wednesdays/ United Resistance events at PNR:

Those present at this week's Green Monday (5 March) enjoyed a visit by Alasdair RoxburghFoE's Director of Communities and Networks. Also present - again! - was FoE's inspirational speaker, Jamie Peters (do we think he's determined to be present at PNR when Cuadrilla eventually pack up & leave?!):

Alasdair Roxburgh, speaking outside Cuadrilla's PNR fracking site, Monday 5 March.


Forthcoming Green Mondays/White WednesdaysUnited Resistance events at PNR:

1. On Monday 12 MarchJonathan Bartley, Co-Leader of the Green Party, will be the main speaker - once again - for this Green Monday
However, as mentioned last week, there are now some 'extras':

(a) Andrew Cooper (Green Party Spokesperson on Energy, and a Green Party Councillor for Kirklees), along with several other KM8 Protectors from Yorkshire, 
will be coming over to commemorate last year's 120-mile 'No Fracking Way' walk from KM8 to PNR. A plaque commemorating this walk will then be unveiled, & placed next to the oak tree that was planted last year - along with some Yorkshire soil.

The plaque will read (something!) like this:

"Here Anti-Fracking Campaigners, walking 120 miles from Yorkshire, planted an oak tree with soil from Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire. 
They did so in solidarity with Lancashire campaigners at Preston New Road.
We came in peace for people and our planet.
8-12 March 2017" 

(b) Dale Vince (founder/owner of Ecotricity) will also be there that day, and will be gathering information to form the basis of a report.

So… make sure you're at the gates from about 12.00 - 1.00pm!
2. On Friday 16 MarchJig at the Rig! 
As a 'taster' & 'warm up' for the imminent 3 months of United Resistance, this will be a 
Great Day of Fun! 
which will coincide with Reclaim The Power's weekend Conference in Blackpool. 

It will include:

* a massive dance-off at the gates of the Preston New Road fracking site
* a live Ceilidh of Resistance in the tracks of Lancashire’s drilling trucks
* the 'legendary' tunes of Pete the Temp 
* local poetry
* a pub quiz 
* hot food from the community kitchen. 

3. On Wednesday 21 MarchEmma and Sophie Thompson will be attending   this week's White Wednesday's Women's Walk. Gather at the Maple Farm Community Hub from 9.30am., to march down to the gates at 10.00am. 

Do try to attend this one - a REALLY BIG attendance should get some useful media coverage.
PLEASE wear white: to show Unity, Peace & Solidarity


4. On Monday 26 MarchAmelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, will - once again - be the main speaker for this Green Monday
Again, she is expected to deliver her speech around lunchtime.


5. On Monday 2 April - the first day of United Resistance - One Hundred Women are planning to travel by coach from Dorking to PNR, returning at some point the following day. This will be an excellent way to kick-off the start of the week which has been 'adopted' by the 'Women of Nanashire'.

In part, this trip by the One Hundred Women is to commemorate the centenary of (some) women getting the vote in the UK - but it is also to show solidarity with Lancashire's anti-fracking protesters and the campaign against Cuadrilla's climate crime at PNR. 


6. On Monday 9 AprilMagid Magid, Green Party Deputy Mayor of Sheffield - & a former competitor in C4's 'Hunted' programme! - will be the main speaker for this Green Monday

Perhaps he'll be able to pass on to us any tips he picked up on how to evade the police during our attempts to organise effective nvda during United Resistance

REMEMBER: You can keep up-to-date with United Resistance events via these links: 

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