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PNR Anti fracking events update

PNR Anti fracking events update

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12:27 PM (3 hours ago)
Postponement - 19 March:
We have just been informed that, unfortunately, George Monbiot has very unexpectedly had to postpone his visit to PNR on 19 March.
However, he is keen to set a new date - possibly in the first week of June, now - and still intends to write an article about the PNR anti-fracking protests. So… watch this space!

Monday 26 FebruaryRemember - next Monday's Green Monday speakers are
John Ashton, Co-Founder of Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G), and Jamie Peters, of Friends of the Earth. 
Jamie should be starting off proceedings in front of the gates at around 12.00/12.30pm - so make sure you're there by lunchtime!
The weather forecast for Monday is good/dry (some sunny intervals), so we're hoping for a big turnout…bring LOADS of your friends with you! 
A. Future 'Green Mondays' at PNR:

1On 5 MarchAlasdair Roxburgh, FoE's Director of Communities and Networks, will be the main speaker for this Green Monday
 2. On 12 MarchJonathan Bartley, Co-Leader of the Green Party, will be the main speaker for this Green Monday
 3. On 26 MarchAmelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, will be the main speaker for this Green Monday

In addition to these dates, we are still waiting for a date for a visit by:  

Dale Vince of Ecotricity


B. United Resistance:

As announced last week, when March ends, UNITED RESISTANCE - subtitled 'Love and Defiance' - begins at PNR!!  From the beginning of April to the end of June, a variety of groups/organisations will each be 'adopting' a week and organising peaceful protests and actions, to coincide with the period when Cuadrilla think they'll begin fracking. The first week  has been adopted by the 'Women of Nanashire', and other groups, including the women of the 'Call for Calm' White Wednesdays.  

So… why not book your holidays (or part of them, at least) to coincide with one of these weeks?! We're sure you won't want to miss the fun!! Apart from anything else, truck surfing conditions are likely to be extremely good this Spring! And, for those with less energy for such sports, the road in front of the gates makes a very comfortable spot for sitting down and watching these superbly athletic environmental warriors!

Finally, for those who prefer a bit of luxury (rather than tents!) at the end of the day, there's always the Premier Inn (Blackpool East) - it's only a 25-30min. walk from the fracking site's gates!

You can find out more about this via these links: 


Finally, PLEASE keep me informed of any plans/developments as regards the regular White Wednesdays and Black Fridays - such as news of special appearances and/or events. I can then advertise/report these in future Updates. 

In the meantime, you can always catch up with developments via Tina Rothery's Blog:


All the best 
Allan Todd
Membership Secretary
Allerdale & Copeland Green Party

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