Saturday, 10 February 2018

Notes Green Seniors’ meeting: Thursday 8/2/2018

Notes Green Seniors’ meeting: Thursday 8/2/2018
1.   Apologies  A. Wheatley, M.Bailey

2.  Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting: Wednesday 6/12/2017 
Matters Arising:
a      Nominations still open for post of G.S Treasurer.
b      Leaflet for new members design and text needed (Maureen)
c      P. Murry had agreed to defer NHS AND SOCIAL CARE motion to discuss with GP heath working group
d       UCU Retired Members’ motion to strengthen TUC motion on Climate Change noted

7.   GPEW Conference: 3&4 March, Bournemouth International Centre  Stall booked
Fringe not able to get fringe on digital exclusion due to gp email problems
Meeting, 9am Sunday 4 March, Maureen liaising with Bournemouth uni

8.   AoB

·       GS website temporarily down, blog still up at

·       Maureen doing research via Toynbee Hall
·       Blank display stand/banner available

9      Next meeting Friday 6th April 6pm meeting at the Green Room 7 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley 

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