Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Green Seniors’ meeting: Wednesday 6/12/2017


Green Seniors’ meeting: Wednesday 6/12/2017 6pm meeting at the Green Room 7 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley 

1.   Apologies and alterations to agenda
2.   Notes: Green Seniors meeting  at GP utumn conference and 21/7/2017 accuracy and matters arising
3.   .   Leaflet for new members and design offer from cp
5.   Ucu Retired Members’ conference 15/11/2017
7.   GPEW Conference: Stall, Fringe, Meeting, 
8.   AoB

·         IT: problems with services only being accessible via IT, not everyone has access/ is able to use
·         IT: also a potentially liberating tool for Seniors, computer courses needed
·         Segregation of Seniors from others in the community
·         Social isolation of Seniors
·         Managerialism taking over the way society interacts with Seniors
·         Vulnerability to scammers and crinminals, especially of isolated Seniors
·         Voluntary Euthanasia?
·         Commercial /capitalist exploitation of the growing senior market esp in pharmaceuticals , IT, mobility aids, transport ,entertainment. Including  side lining of natural remedies
·         Landslides due to deforestation of hillsides.

Notes Green Seniors  Friday 21 July .6.00

1.  GS email list address is Greenseniors@lists.greenparty.org.uk".
2.  Notes Green Seniors meeting 3/3/2016: agreed for accuracy.
3.   Matters Arising
a) May meeting postponed due to General election.
b) Nominations still open for post of Green Seniors  Treasurer.
c)  No progress with crowdfunder, might not be with it if the only expense was conference leaflets. Donations invited.
d) Pedestrians Association Aka Living Streetshttps://www.livingstreets.org.uk/ had responded to Maureen refusing to take up dangers to pedestrians from cyclists on pavements.
e) Museum charges now raised to prohibitive levels for many seniors.
f)   Lucas conference working groups: (on Arms Conversion, Localisation, Robotics and Just Transition) continue next meetings 24/7/2017. PM to attend.
g) GPEW Spring Conference, a successful eent combined with world and European Greens, some contacts made.

4.  General election:
a) Rumours of November/December election
b) Ongoing Brexit problems
c)  Disappointing GP performance but actually got 2nd highest GP total vote.

5.  Gp autumn conference 7/10 october, Harrogate:
a) Stall:PM to book
b) Meeting: PM to book, and facilitate, volunteers to help needed.
c)  Motions: Alan Borgars proposing motion on fire proofing, Peter Allen proposing motion on prioritising NHS campaigning. See GP members’ site

6.  Future activities and events/Aob
a) National Pensioners’ Convention: The Message – quarterly newspaper 20p/free to affiliated groups and other publications available from: http://npcuk.org/publications.
b) National Pensioners’ Convention aims now posted at https://greenseniors.blogspot.co.uk/p/national-pensioners-convention-aims.html
Could be used  as a template for Green Seniors. 
c)  Which MP’s to contact on pensioners issues
Source Wikipedia 21/7/2017

e) Maureen Childs to organise debate of Elders’ issues at Toynbee Hall
f)   Toynbee Hall research into needs of Elders in Tower Hamlets, Maureen Childs has contacted researcher Natasha Munoz and will further contact to ascertain how many Senior Centres have closed in Tower Hamlets.
g) Seniors reported to be entitled to double length GP appointments.
h) GP appointments.being replaced by skype and/or internet in some areas(?)
i)    Sheltered housing: reductions in workers, leading to reduction in residents’ access to facilities.
j)    MC and PM had attended Tower Hamlets and Brent air pollution meetings.
k)  Age Action Alliance  MC
l)    Ransackers, problems in using Uni facilities
7.Date of next meeting: 22/9/2017 6pm meeting at the Green Room 7 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley 

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