Sunday, 14 May 2017

#TrashTheTories Maidenhead - Saturday June 3rd meet for 2pm at rail station forecourt.

Maidenhead - Saturday June 3rd  meet for  2pm at rail station forecourt.
Please join us if you can as Maidenhead which is Theresa May’s constituency has been chosen for Disabled People Against Cuts last national demonstration before the General Election.
With the station as the starting point at 2pm DPAC will take its message #TrashTheTories to the heart of Theresa May's constituency to highlight the horrors that disabled people have faced on a daily basis since they came to power in 2010.
The UN has found the UK government guilty of the grave and systematic violation of disabled people's human rights and we will be making it clear that enough is enough, to the voters of Maidenhead.
The Tories have heartlessly attacked disabled people with their vicious anti-austerity cuts which have hit disabled people 9 times more than any other group and those with the highest support needs 19 times more.
In all the years we have been campaigning, it has never felt so desperately important to get the public to understand; Tory policies are starving, isolating and ultimately killing us.
Trains to Maidenhead leave from Paddington station about every 15 minutes and take between 30-47 minutes. The train company is Great Western and return fare is £11.80.
Some funding is available to cover travel costs and if you need help with these email

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