Saturday, 6 May 2017

Ritzy Cinemas dispute/ sanitised history /University of Puerto Rico

Ritzy Cinemas dispute
Ritzy Cinema workers have been campaigning for Picturehouse and Cineworld Cinemas to pay the London Living Wage across all London cinemas for just short of ten years. In a repeat of one of the largest strikes in UK cinema history in February, five Picturehouse cinemas went on strike simultaneously on Easter Saturday 15 April. There was further action on May 1st.
Workers at Picturehouse cinemas have been striking since last September for the Living Wage. Picturehouse continue to refuse negotiations despite owner Cineworld announcing £93.8 million profit for 2016 last month.
Members of the campaign have been calling for a public boycott of Picturehouse and their owners Cineworld since 25 February.
Will a sanitised history be launched with Mayflower 400?
Danny Reilly of the newly formed Mayflower Mavericks Campaign examines emerging issues around the plans to celebrate the 400th anniversary in 2020 of the pilgrims’ voyage to the US in Plymouth.
University of Puerto Rico
The students of the University of Puerto Rico are currently on indefinite strike against massive cuts in funding for both public education and the health service. The Branch Secretary has sent a message of solidarity.
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