Wednesday, 8 February 2017


It's obvious Donald Trump, is a racist, sexist and bully. He's also very far from being the President 'for the people', he's already cutting corporation tax, attacking the unions and trashing the meagre social care provision that exists in the United States. That's why the People's Assembly is playing a key role in building the movement to challenge Trump and his policies. As Theresa May gets closer to and closer to the Trump administration he poses a very real threat to the people of Britain too, May is already opening the door to US firms to buy up parts of the NHS in new trade deals with Trump. This has to be stopped. 

It's vital we bring the broadest coalition of organisations together, say not to Trump, no to racism, no to sexism no to austerity
Trump and everything he represents, is not welcome in the UK. 

All progressive organisations are welcome, if you or your organisation is interested in getting involved with the mobilisations against Trump, please get in touch us by emailing us at


Join us on Saturday 18 February at 10am - 5pm, Friends House Euston organised by the People's Assembly, Unite the Union, CWU, NUT, Muslim Association of Britain, Stop the War Coalition, Stand up to Racism, and others.

Registration, speakers and agenda will be available soon. 

Check out Facebook Event and share widelyNearly Two Million people signed the petition calling to 'Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit'It's clear that the majority of people in this country do not want him here. Even John Bercow spoke against the Trump Visit. Despite this, Theresa May has dismissed the wishes of the people and said the visit will go ahead. 

The petition will be debated in Parliament on Monday 20 February. A day of action across the country will take place to coincide with the debate in parliament. 

In London protests will take place in Parliament Square as the reading happens and continue into the evening. In other towns and cities protests will take place and the National Union of Students have called on students to a walk out of lessons. More details of the day of action will be available soon. 

The other key issue is the NHS, already facing a humanitarian crisis, with new Trade deals with the states on the cards, the NHS could be facing it's final moments if we're not ready to stand and fight for it. 

Join us Saturday 4 March, 12pm Tavistock Square for the #OurNHS National Demonstration.  

Click here for the Facebook Event and share widely

See you  on the streets. 

The People's Assembly Against Austerity

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