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Demos planned for UN Older People’s Day 1 October 2016

Demos planned for UN Older People’s Day 1 October 2016

This year, the NPC will be marking UN Older People’s Day on 1 October with a series of protests around the country aimed at highlighting the need for a new National Health and Social Care Service (NHSCS). A briefing to help those taking part is available for download here. The protest will include the use of these skeletons – as a way of getting our message across – “We want decent social care now – before it’s too late!”.
Skeletons Blackpool 2016.

Over the last few years, the NPC has been organising around the UN Day of Older People. This year we intend to use it to call for improvements in social care and the introduction of a National Health and Care Service, funded through taxation. This briefing provides guidance as to what affiliates/regions/local groups/members can do to support the campaign on the day.

On the day we are asking supporters to carry out some or all of the following:
·         Give out leaflets to the general public (these will be provided centrally, but there will be a cost for postage).
·         Organise a demonstration outside a town hall/care home/in a town centre or anywhere that the public will see you, using the Skeletons (see picture below). It is quite simple to organise and requires masks, disposable decorating suits, folding chairs (if required) and placards/posters (the template for these will be provided centrally).
·         Let the local media know that you are holding the demonstration and it may get some local publicity.
·         All of this activity need only take place for a couple of hours at a suitable time during the day.

The message
  • The NPC will be using the day to highlight the need for a National Health and Care Service, funded through taxation, as the best way of improving the standards and quality of care, along with securing better terms and conditions for staff.
  • If asked why we are using skeletons in the protest we can say that pensioners only make the headlines when they die, but the failure of our care system is going on every day and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Practical points
·         The materials for the Skeleton Protest can be acquired locally, or you can order them from the following websites:

·         The campaign poster for the day is A3 and can be stuck onto cardboard so that the skeleton can wear it around their neck (see picture). The A4 template for the poster is included with this briefing.
·         Start planning now and let the NPC office know what you are doing so that we can build up a picture of activities across the country. We will use this information as part of a national press statement.
·         We are keen to join with members of those unions whose members are involved in the delivery of social care: Unite, Unison and GMB. Many of these will have their own local retired members that may come along and get involved on the day. Try to make contact with these local branches either directly or through the local trades union council in your area and ask for their help.
·         Make sure you get a picture of your protest and send it to us so that we can use it in future campaign work.

For more information
If you need any further information contact the NPC National Officer, Neil Duncan-Jordan on or T: 07432-575251.

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