Tuesday, 5 July 2016

paaa demo 16 July Statement from the Committee of the University and Colleges Union (UCU) London Retired Members branch

up to Racism
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We shall be taking the branch banner on this demonstration
We an arrange a meeting place next week.
Statement from the Committee of the University and Colleges Union (UCU) London Retired Members branch
Jeremy Corbyn was the only contender for the leadership of the Labour Party to support the Pensioners Manifesto issued by the National Pensioners' Conventionwhich was in August 2015:
  •         A basic state pension for all, set above the poverty level of £175 a week
  •         Increases in pensions to be linked to the best of RPI,CPI, earnings or 2.5%
  •         Universal pensioner benefits (bus pass, winter fuel allowance, free TV licences for the over75s and free prescriptions) to be maintained without means testing
  •         A National Health and Care Service which is free at the point of use and funded through taxation
  •         A legally binding Dignity Code to improve the quality and standards of care for older people
At a time when the Tory Party is riven with splits and infighting the whole of the labour and trade union movement , however they voted in the referendum, should be united in a campaign to oppose austerity and  racism along the lines indicated in the UCU NEC statement on the referendum result. [https://www.ucu.org.uk/article/8327/UCU-statement-on-the-referendum-result#.V3E2vb8lqbE.facebook]
Those MPs that are attempting to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s democratic mandate have shown their contempt for the millions of working class people whose lives are being blighted by government austerity and deserve to be held to account by Labour Party members and supporters in their constituencies.

Corbyn is alone among party leaders in taking a principled stand in support of refugees and migrants and was one of only 48 Labour MPs to vote against the Tory government's welfare reforms. He has always supported UCU industrial action. He has consistently supported trade union organisation, expansion and activity generally.

The committee of the London Retired Members Branch of UCU call upon  the labour and trade union movement to unite behind Jeremy Corbyn and condemn the ongoing attempted coup by a section of the Parliamentary Labour Party. We further call upon the whole Labour Movement to unite in support of the Emergency Demonstration called by the People's Assembly and Stand up to Racism.
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