Friday, 1 July 2016

Notes: Green Seniors meeting 25/6/2016

Notes: Green Seniors meeting 25/7/2016
Apologies: R.Lawson, C.Russell, J.Chan
1.    Notes: Green Seniors meeting 31/6/2016 agreed for accuracy

2.  Matters Arising
a)   Bank account needed, is there an ethical alternative to the Co-op?(PM to follow up) Treasurer needed.
b)   Crowdfunder for GS (NL to follow up)

3.  Conference:
a) Fringe: applied for “ Seniors, stigmatisation (eg ‘burden of dependency’ and Green Politics
b) Stall booked; some materials received more needed, book sales and raffle to cover costs.
d) Meeting, booked
e)  Leaflet PM to draft
3     National Pensioners’’ Convention motion from UCU retired branch (see appendix): follow –up needed.
4    .  Meet C.Russell agreed to arrange meeting at ity Hall sfter next GS meeting re Possible question/s to Mayor,(ghettoization/displacement of Seniors, availability of social housing), Mayor’s Awards.
5    .  AOB
a  Value of Seniors: Economic contributions, unpaid work as carers, spending power, voluntary work

See publications by Age UK, (? Not apparent on website),, The London Older People’s Strategies Group (LOPSG)

b  Role of Green Seniors  in political campaigning

c  Representation /recognition of Green Seniors in GPEW (Contact SOC)

d  Consequences of Brexit (a senior vote?)


6    Next Meeting 10 September 6.30 for 7 at the Green Room 10 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley 



As part of our commitment to intergenerational solidarity, we call on the National Pensioners’ Convention to campaign, with Unions, the TUC and relevant pressure groups for Government to plan for immediate transition to a carbon zero economy, including:
·       support for wind, tidal and solar energy;
·       retrofit of public buildings to become carbon neutral
·       abandon fracking and the import of any fracked gas or tar sand oil
·       transfer fossil fuel subsidies to sustainable energy generation
·       phase out of fossil fuel power
·       taking energy industry into democratic public ownership and the creation of a proper national energy plan

If we want young people to help us defend our pensions we must help them to defend their future.

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