Friday, 1 July 2016

Chris Stephenson and Jeremy Corbyn

Academic Chris Stephenson Acquitted

International Campaign of Solidarity

You may recall a previous email in which we asked for your support for Chris Stephenson, a lecturer at Bilgi University in Turkey, charged with "terrorist organization propaganda". I am pleased to announce that the Istanbul 13th Heavy Penal Court has acquitted him completely on his first hearing.
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I enclose a statement below from the UCU branch at the largest FE college in Jeremy Corbyn's constituency. I worked at London Metropolitan University, also in Islington, and can only endorse what they say about the fantastic support he gave us during our many disputes with management.

Statement from City and Islington College

The attempt by Labour MPs to oust Jeremy Corbyn is an act of betrayal.  He won 59% of the vote in the leadership contest last year, has attracted tens of thousands to the Labour Party and has inspired a new generation to become engaged in politics.

Jeremy has been our MP for 32 years. He has been to every one of our picket lines and spoken at all our meetings and lobbies in defence of Further and Adult Education. He has visited the college many times to attend award ceremonies and debates and has always been inspired by the work the students and staff do here.

At a time when the Tory Party is riven with splits and infighting the whole of the labour and trade union movement should be united in launching a campaign to drive them out of office to defend working people from the avalanche of attacks that are being prepared.

Those MPs that are attempting to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s democratic mandate have shown their complete and utter contempt towards the millions of working class people who see him as a breath of fresh air in an age of plastic politicians. Corbyn is alone among party leaders in taking a principled stand in support of refugees and migrants and was one of only 48 Labour MPs to vote against the Tory government's welfare reforms.

We at City and Islington College UCU call upon all those in the labour and trade union movement to get behind Jeremy and condemn those who are trying to undermine him and all that he represents.

City and Islington College UCU
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