Thursday, 2 June 2016

Notes: Green Seniors meeting 31/6/2016

Notes: Green Seniors meeting 31/6/2016

1.  GS officers currently are Noel Lynch & Maureen Childs: Co-Chairs, Peter Murry: Blog Editor/Acting Secretary.
2.  GS has paid a £15 to the National Pensioners’’ Convention
3.  Permissible level of savings for getting benefits (eg:  ESA) now cut to £10,000.
4.  Maureen attended 3D printing event: on 27th May 2016 at Fab Lab London. More details at
5.  Age UK event re  resources for Seniors 3/6/16 see
6.  Problems of finding affordable meeting venues in London noted, this affects several GP groups since Development House is no longer available.
8.  GS admin
a) Bank account needed, is there an ethical alternative to the Co-op? Treasurer needed.
b) Crowdfunder for GS (NL)
c)  Leaflet exists (more copies for conference)

9    GP Autumn Conference (2-4 September at the University of Birmingham (Edgbaston Campus)).
a)  Stall
b) Fringe
Possible topics
·       Digital divide/ digital training for Seniors
·       Are Seniors being excluded and what the Greens do to help? Topics mentioned in this connection included
·       Lack of Community Facilities, Public loos,
·       Economic contribution of Seniors (£61bn on some estimates, .4m workers aged 65+).Role of grandparent in child care.
·       Isolation(Social, economic, political)
·       Seniors blamed for their problems (eg ’the burden of dependency’).
·       Economics of care homes
·       Financial exploitation
Possible speakers: J.Lambert, D.Bates, C. Russell, M.Scheimann -

10) Next meeting 25/6/2016 meet at The Green Room11  Grand Arcade, High RoadNorth Finchley, London N12 0EH-

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