Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Make an allowance to seniors for free access to the internet.

Greens constantly seem to ignore  the fact that there are more 50+ voters than 50- voters in the UK.
Some Green issues vaguely cover some of the  problems that effect seniors but there are many that are specific.
eg Housing. Does not cover sheltered housing, care Homes, bed blocking, the need for single bedroom units.

With austerity cuts the Government are renegading on their duty to inform seniors of their rights. They no longer send information to seniors with leaflets. Everything is on line. Seniors cannot afford internet access and there is no appropriate training  to their needs. Many Libraries and Community centres have been closed where seniors might have got some advice and help.  In fact those of us who have paid out for devices and internet service are subsidising the Government duties.
Unless Greens start addressing  the specific problems seniors face they are seen to be  neglecting a vast section of the UK population of voters.
Maureen Childs Co-chair Green Seniors
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Make an allowance to seniors for free access to the internet.
Considering the Government ONLY inform seniors of their rights by the internet many seniors are excluded from essential information by the very cost of internet access.
More details
An allowance of £200 per year, similar to winter fuel allowance should be granted to state pensioners to enable them internet access from their homes.
Many seniors are house bound and cannot make use of provision of internet access in libraries or other free facilities. The government have recently announced the possibility of medical advice from GP's via the internet. They would be able to communicate with local services, buy their weekly provisions and make use of the infinite services available to contribute to their well being.