Sunday, 22 February 2015

Rebel Footprints

Charlotte Despard
The radical response to 
conservative heritage
 tours and banal 
day-tripper guides! 

Rebel Footprints brings to life
 the history of social movements in 
the UK's capital. Transporting readers
from well-known landmarks to history
-making hidden corners, David 
Rosenberg tells the story of protest 
and struggle in London.

From the suffragettes to the socialists,

 from the Chartists to the trade unionists,
 the book invites us to step into the footprints
 of a diverse cast of fighters for social justice
 Specially commissioned maps and illustrations
 immerse the reader in the story of the city.

'You haven't walked the streets of

 London unless you've understood the
 secret history of revolt, rebellion and 
poverty hidden all around you in its 
bricks and alleyways. Rosenberg takes 
you there as no other writer has done.' 
Paul Mason

For a limited time only!

Pre-order one for your comrades / own self 
and receive the book before it's in the shops, with goodies thrown in and 20% off your next order. 
Visit to read a chapter and get your copy. 
Follow #RebelMaps on Twitter to see some of the beautiful maps included in the book. 


David Rosenberg - Walks
Events with the author
Sunday 19th April, 2pm 
Exclusive Radical Walking Tour around Clerkenwell with Newham Books 
Starting at Finsbury Town Hall 
Click here for more details and to book a place 
Wednesday 18th March, 7.30pm 
Talk at The Bishopsgate Institute 
Click here for more details and to book a placeWednesday March 25th, 6.30pm 
Bookmarks The Socialist Bookshop, Bloomsbury
Click here for the Bookmarks website
Monday 30th March, 6.30pm 
Talk at Owl Bookshop, Kentish Town  
Click here for more details and to book a place 
Tuesday 7th April, 7.30pm 
Talk at West End Lane Books, West Hampstead 
Click here for more details and to book a place 
Sunday 12th April, 2.30pm 
Talk at The Freedom Bookshop, Whitechapel  
Click here for The Freedom Bookshop’s website 
Thursday April 30th, 6.15pm 
Talk at Tower Hamlets Local History Library 
Click here for the Library’s website 
Wednesday July 15th 
Housmans Radical Booksellers 
Part of their London Summer Season 
Click here for the Housmans website

Publishing March 20th
Paperback | 9780745334097 | £9.99
Ebook | 9781783713301 | £9.99
Hardback | 9780745334103 | £50

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

What could the Mayor do to ensure that affordable, comfortable and secure homes are provided for Londoners?

Dear all,

Darren Johnson AM would like to invite you to an evening discussion in "London's Living Room" at the top of City Hall on the 3rd March, from7-9pm.

You can register here:

The subject will be: what could the Mayor do to ensure that affordable, comfortable and secure homes are provided for Londoners?

Many of the ideas Darren has promoted in recent years require national government intervention - for example a land value tax, or wholesale reform of the private rented sector.

This event will hear ideas from Hilary Osborne (Guardian), Stephen Hill (National Community Land Trust Network), and speakers TBC from the London Tenants Federation and Just Space Network. We will then open it up to all attendees to discuss their ideas.


Please do pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Why Vote Green 2015

Green Party Included In Election Book Series

The Green Party is pleased to announce its inclusion in the Why Vote book
series, aimed at introducing the general reader to party policies ahead of
the general election 2015. In the Greens’ edition, out on 29 January, Deputy
Leader Shahrar Ali has recruited some of the Greens’ leading thinkers and
activists to explore how the party provides a credible left-wing alternative
to Labour in 2015.

Darren Johnson, Green Party London Assembly Member said:

“Green politics in the UK has been gaining rapid momentum in recent times.
Membership and public support for the party is growing and voting Green is
becoming a viable option for more and more people. Read Why Vote Green 2015
to find out what makes the Green Party tick and what its vision for the
future looks like.”

Among the contributors are Molly Scott Cato Green MEP for the South West on
Economy, Sarah Cope, Chair of Green Party Women on Women's Politics, Deputy
Leader Amelia Womack on Young People and Politics, Adam Ramsay on
Constitutional Reform, and former Labour minister Tony Clarke on
International Affairs.

Baroness Jenny Jones, writing of the three crises in the Foreword, said:

“Increasing numbers of people are mobilising against climate change.
Increasing numbers of people reject the austerity agenda. Increasing numbers
of people see the inadequacies in our political system. These people often
think that all the parties are the same and that there is no one to vote
for. Fortunately, they are wrong. The Green Party sees the crises clearly
and has the policies to address all three of them.”

Shahrar Ali, Green Party Deputy Leader and editor of Why Vote Green 2015

“It’s vital for Greens to be included at every turn, from the leader debates
to an election book series. I feel proud to share with you our party’s key
policies, commitments and ambitions in the voice of some of our leading
spokespersons and activists. Why Vote Green 2015 creates a compelling case
for the Greens as a party of government.”

Dame Vivienne Westwood said:

“There’s absolutely no other choice but Green. The others are all the same.”


1. Full list of chapters and contributors: Foreword – Jenny Jones, Green
Values - Shahrar Ali, Climate Change - David Flint, Economy - Molly Scott
Cato, Education – Martin Francis, Women’s Politics – Sarah Cope, Welfare –
Noel Lynch, Home Affairs – Peter Cranie, Young People and Politics – Amelia
Womack, Constitutional Reform – Adam Ramsay, Housing – Tom Chance, Transport
– Caroline Russell, Environment – Shasha Khan, International Affairs – Tony
Clarke, Animals – Caroline Allen.

2. Why Vote Green 2015

COPIES AVAILABLE from The Green Room, 192 Archway Road, N6 5BB  Price £10.

Also at the following meetings:

11/2:Tower Hamlets GP

13/2: Fundraising Group meeting in Development House.

15/2: Hounslow Dinner.

16/2: London fed meeting

Friday, 6 February 2015

Elders for Future Generations bloc

The world’s climate scientists say we need to keep the global temperature increase below 2◦ C to have a good chance of keeping the future climate stable. The global climate has already warmed by about 0.8◦ C. This has already led to more storms, floods, droughts, heat waves and melting of the Arctic ice in the summer.

As older adults our generation has contributed to those emissions, failing to respond to the seriousness of the threat whilst benefiting from the society that has contributed to our current situation.

Now, we as older adults, are advocating not on our own behalf, but for the generations who will inherit this world, the changes necessary to ensure the future health and well-being of our own and others grandchildren.

Join us the Elders for Future Generations bloc on the 7th March 2015 at Lincoln Inns Field, London at 12.30pm

We Care About The World

We Are Leaving Our GrandChildren

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

UCU London Retired Members Branch: update, Lambeth College Dispute, branch meeting 26th February 2015 Guest Speaker Jonathan Neale of the Campaign against Climate Change, Bahrain Trials Update

Bahrain Update, February Walk, Lambeth Strike Result, Branch Meeting and Climate Change.
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Bahrain Trials Update

Including news the release from prison of Maryam Al-Khawaja. Read more here...

Branch Walk

16th February 12 noon Meet by the "Golden Hinde", near London Bridge on the Thames [map here ...] and follow the Thames Path to North Greenwich. The walk is around 6 miles with no expected mud. Finishing at the North Greenwich transport hub...
more details...

Branch meeting

The next branch meeting will take place on 26th February 2015 at 2pm at the UCU office in Carlow Street.
Guest Speaker Jonathan Neale of the Campaign against Climate Change.
more details...

Lambeth College Dispute

After 42 days of strike action Lambeth College UCU have voted to go back to work after management finally made us an offer that was acceptable. "A big THANK YOU for helping us defend our contracts and our students’ education".
more details here...
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