Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The annual seminar of the SERTUC Pensioners' Network on 14 May 2014

SERTUC Pensioners' Network

The annual seminar of the SERTUC Pensioners' Network on 

14 May 2014 considered the question whether retired trade 

union members were a resource or a bit of a nuisance.  

Held at Congress House, just round the corner from the 

Cartoon Museum (current exhibition 'Spitting Image'), 

and just along the road from Congress House is a large

 repository of artifacts of military, political and 

religious power looted from throughout the world.

Trades Union Congress

Cartoon Museum

We thought that Jerry Latter, Research Manager at

Ipsos MORI,  was going to show us his holiday snaps, 

but it was all statistics and comments on research 


Neil Duncan-Jordan, National Officer of the National
Pensioners Convention listens for ammunition.

Neil tells us that many retired women in the UK are 
worse-off than their male counter-parts, as caring for 
the family is considered by many as of lower value
than paid employment.

Retirement brings us independence, for we are no
longer afraid that outspoken views will bring unemployment.
Make the most of it.  While we are working our 
managers have powers which they often feel uncomfortable
with, when they are retired and dependent on their own 
resources, we can forge an entirely new and
constructive relationship.

Rodney rousing speeches stem from a childhood
dream to be a mob-orator, he told us last year 
in Cambridge.

Now that retired members have access to
cheap technology, perhaps more of us can 
take up mob-oratory while sitting in our 
dressing-gowns and fuelling our anger with coffee.

The lack of discussion is the failing of all large meetings,
but you do need the  promise of a large rally to get 
activists together.

Can we think about this for next time?  I did feel that
opportunities were missed.  Having come early for the
registration process, I felt that simply being one of the first
to have my name crossed off a list was a poor justification 
for incurring the additional cost of a peak-hour train. 

Perhaps name badges with the name of your union and
where you were from would have helped, or symbols 
indicating the issues that you would like to discuss with
fellow delegates.

Lunch time can be much more than a time for eating.
Perhaps tables displaying leaflets from the various groups 
we support, with someone behind the table to 
focus the discussion on the issues involved would help. 

Use these links to find out more about the people and
organisations involved in the day:

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