Thursday, 6 February 2014

82 year old Anne Power threatened with arrest at anti-fracking protest.

Despite being threatened with arrest, roughly treated by the Greater Manchester Police and again detained  against her will from her right to peaceful protest, 82 year old Anne Power is undaunted and back at arton Moss Community Protection Camp. See video at
Published on 9 Jan 2014

Anne Power is regularly escorted out of the line walking in front of the iGas truck convoy at Barton Moss, Greater Manchester under the guise of being 'for her own safety'! Today she argued her case with the Officers of the Tactical Assault Unit and was placed back in the line ... only to then be threatened with ARREST for 'Willfully Obstructing the Highway', despite the fact that she was walking forward! 
Anne Power is an inspiration to all those who have researched the dangers of Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) and are determined to prevent the UK water supply being contaminated ... as is the case in EVERY location where this abomination has been unleashed!

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