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Minutes for meeting Green Seniors London 17th January 23014

 Minutes for meeting Green Seniors London 17th January 23014

1. Attendance register
2. Apologies for absence

3. Appointment of secretary for the meeting. M Childs - minutes
4. Offficers appointed Joint Chair Noel Lynch and Maureen Childs 
Members List maintained by Noel Lynch
Blog maintenance P Murry

5. Recognition of minutes 29/11/2013 see below
6. Announcement of website now online at
View website for feedback and to be aware of its function and amendments. Aims and objectives were noted and added to the website
Note link to Government online  campaign web access.

Photo taken for Green World and website and blog uploaded to website and sent to Peter for the blog by M Childs

7. Conference 28th Feb - 3rd March 2014
Stall and fringe booked - awaiting confirmation
Asked to be put next to Trade Union Group  (manned by Peter)
Manned by: Call for volunteers proposal -shared by arrangement Noel, Maureen & Peter
Banner created - by M Childs 
Small business style cards created by M Childs to be left on stall for people to take
Leaflet to add over 50+
List of prospective members.
Howard Thorp offered a poster and leaflets. M Childs to send material to Howard
Leaflet to advise attendees.

Fund Raising
M Childs suggests an invitation to European Green Seniors in the Autumn or Sprin 2015.
Administration fee to be allocated to Green Seniors fund. M Childs to look into costs - hotels etc 
Lack of members  and limited time to conference to raise funds for banner.

8. Links made (see website)
Young Greens - emails sent advising of our existence emails received inviting us to Young Greens events.
Noel - accepted invitation.
Europe Green Seniors - emails sent and received

Social suggested 'Bowling' or dinner Gpex Shevaun MacMahnon Exec Shaleen Conception Treasurer

9. Any other business - extended welcome to City of London Events next meeting Inner Temple Library
Material for stall to be sent to Peter.
National Pensioners Convention Pensioners Parliament 17th - 19th June 2014Venue to be announced.
Noel suggests contact EU Green Seniors for badges for stall Maureen to contact Mark Douglas or Steve Lambert 
10. Date of next meeting. 11th March 2014 7.30 Development House.

Maureen Childs MBCS BSc CITP FRSA
Tower Hamlets Green Party
Press Officer
mobile 07979 386683

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