Tuesday, 17 December 2013

NHS/Care Bill/Clause 118 demo.(16/12/2013)

Video of yesterday's demo by Dave Plummer, newly elected London Fed
Campaigns Officer

This is the film from yesterday's NHS/Care Bill/Clause 118 demo.(16/12/2013)


acknowledgements to Noel Lynch

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Museum of London Archives visit 16th Jan 2014

Hi All
Lynda and I finally nailed down Museum of London Archives to talk to us about the  archaelogical  dig at Wallbrook. They promise to show us some artifacts that have been found.
Date:  January visit 16th Jan 2014 13.30
Address: MOLA archives  46 Eagle Warf Road.

The nearest Underground is City Road, Moorfields Eye Hospital exit.
There is a bit of a one way road scheme near Moorfieds Eye Hospital so you may need to look out for the right bus stop. Lynda and I walked but not for the faint hearted.
Bus to Eagle Warf  Raod 26 21 141 or 271 buses go north from City Road Station junction along  East Road A1200.
A park on the left as you approach Eagle Warf Road, can be seen, to give you an idea where to get off. But Eagle Warf Road should be announced and hopefully the driver should know where he is going!!

Entrance is inside a sort of car park  but there is a car wash place next to it so you will know if you are on the right track.

After such a cerfuffle I am looking forward to it. Meet in reception 13.30 . See you there.
Maureen Childs MBCS MSc CITP FRSA

+44 ((0)7979 386683

Monday, 9 December 2013

Greens slam retirement age hike as ‘callous attack’ on today’s youth

Greens slam retirement age hike as ‘callous attack’ on today’s youth

9 December 2013
The Young Greens have condemned government plans to raise the retirement age to 70 for today’s young people as a 'callous attack'.
The announcement by George Osborne in the Autumn Statement to increase the retirement age to 70 by the 2060s was slammed by the youth branch of the Green Party as a means to force today’s youth to ‘work till they drop’.
Thom French from the Young Greens National Committee said:
“With the raising of tuition fees, the effective abolition of the welfare state for 16-25 year olds, youth unemployment at nearly a million and huge cuts to EMA, the government’s raising of the retirement age has taken away even more of young people’s hopes for a decent future.
 “Instead of raising the retirement age, the Young Greens call for shorter working weeks, an end to zero hour contracts, greater freedom to take career sabbaticals, a living wage, more annual leave, investment in jobs for young people and stronger trade unions to ensure that people are protected at work.”
Josiah Mortimer, also on the Young Greens National Committee, said: ‘This announcement is yet another callous attack on young people by an out-of-touch government. With the gap in life expectancy between the rich and poor in the UK standing at as much as a decade, this coalition is demanding working-class kids today work till they drop.”
Thom French added: “Last year, half a million people approaching retirement age were too ill to work, according to TUC research. Thousands of workers are struggling to reach full retirement age with workplaces that are stressful, dangerous and not supportive of a modern workforce. Raising the age of retirement age to 70 would mean many young workers would not be able to enjoy their retirement due to ill health, both mental and physical.
“The Health and Safety Executive reported that 148 workers were killed at work last year. Workplaces are clearly not safe and if we are to work longer, they need to become fit for purpose. It is not acceptable to have 1.1million workers suffering from work-related illness and injuries. Increasing the age of retirement does not address what is only a growing problem in the workplace.”
The Young Greens are the youth branch of the Green Party of England and Wales, and represent thousands of young people.
For more information, quotes, interviews or comment pieces emailpress@younggreens.org.uk

Saturday, 30 November 2013


The aims and objectives of Green Seniors were discussed and agreed with the following amendments
a)   Green Seniors to be defined as Green party members aged 50 or over.
b)   The scope of GS activities to be UK, Europe and worldwide.

Co-Chairs: Maureen Childs and Noel Lynch

Main body of Green Senior concerns/ possible campaigning issues
NHS health care and education,
Pensions, & benefits, (awareness of recent developments).
Special topics - eg. Dementia, austerity cuts (chiropody service etc.), seniors in hospital - lack of Care 
Environmental issues
Timing of pedestrian crossings (also a traffic calming measure)
Tube station ticket office closures and effects on vulnerable people
Toilet map/ access to public toilets (not just a GS issue)
Cashless/Understaffed shops
Removal of public seating, often ‘problem drinking’ cited a a reason (examples cited in Barnet and Brent)
Liaison with Unions esp. Unite Community
Home places, leisure and education. etc.

P.Murry has set up prototype blog at- http://greenseniors.blogspot.co.uk/ Any GS member wishing to post should contact P.Murry at yrrumuk@googlemail.com 
Noel Lynch (noellynch@lineone.net) is running the Green Seniors email list
Fundraising for banner
Agreed to apply for fringe at conference
Affiliation to National Pensioners Convention (http://npcuk.org/); Agreed unan nem con for London GS to affiliate
Possibility of affiliation to Greater London Pensioners’ Association (http://grey-glpa.blogspot.co.uk/) also mentioned.

Date for next meeting.17/1/2013



Friday 13 December 2013

Classic poems set to acoustic music

Obese Advocate of Cannibalising Royalty

Passionate poetry that doesn´t shrink from the personal

fine London poet making his Dodo debut
Friday 13 December 2013
The Poetry Café
22 Betterton Street, WC2H 9BX
£7/6 0207 420 9880, Covent Garden tube
dodo modern poets letting fly with words 0208 687 1930; 07769 777022 http://dodomodpoets.com/dodo.shtml

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GREEN CAPITALISM: WHY IT CAN’T WORK by Daniel Tanuro English Translation by Jane Ennis (Green Left Deputy Chairperson, Green Seniors)

Green Capitalism Front(1)

by Daniel Tanuro
Price: £11 from Resistance Books, 163 pages.
Published in association with Merlin Press, London, and the IIRE, Amsterdam.
English Translation by Jane Ennis (Green Left Deputy Chairperson, Green Seniors)
What should be done to resolve the climate crisis? Tanuro argues that government measures – eco-taxes, commodification of natural resources, and carbon trading – do not tackle the drive for profit. Evidence from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and other sources demonstrates the impossibility of a sustainable “green capitalism”.
Climate degradation comes with the “natural” functioning of capitalism – a system based on the accumulation of capital (in particular the functioning of the energy system required by this accumulation process). An “emancipatory project” to overcome the impending crisis needs to recognize natural constraints and aim for a fundamental redefinition of social wealth. Tanuro uses the Marxist theory of value to explain ecological crisis. He addresses a failing in Marx’s ecology: an inadequate appreciation of the crucial implications of capitalism’s reliance on non-renewable fossil-fuel resources. He challenges both mainstream Green strategy and traditional Left alternatives. He points to solutions: “de-growth”, “re-localisation” and the decentralisation of production are necessary to limit global warming.
The book includes a critique of popular writers on the environmental crisis, ranging from Jared Diamond to Hans Jonas, it discusses the economic and technological transition scenarios, and includes a critical assessment of the contributions of Marxist writers such as John Bellamy Foster, Paul Burkett and Ernest Mandel.
Originally published in French as L’Impossible Capitalisme Vert by Editions La Decouverte, Paris, 2010. This English edition has a Preface and an Introduction which brings the book up to date with latest developments.
ISBN 978-0-85036-646-4 paperback

What they say about the book
The climate crisis is at a critical moment while millions despair that no action is being taken. The difficulties our “world leaders” have in taking meaningful action do not spring out of nowhere but from their refusal to understand that this crisis is the consequence of the globalised, neoliberal economic system. This book argues that we cannot simply green our current society, but that we need a more thorough, more fundamental social transformation. We also need to ensure that the struggle for a better world has built into its DNA the pursuit of an ecologically sustainable society. 
Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party of England and Wales
A lucid and rigorous demonstration that climate change cannot be overcome unless capitalism is overcome. The scourge of humanity is also the scourge of nature. This is a great achievement: putting forth the necessary contours of the direction that must be taken if we are to be equal to the greatest challenge ever faced by humankind. Joel Kovel, author The Enemy of Nature .
About Daniel Tanuro
Daniel Tanuro is an agricultural engineer. His previously published articles include “21st Century Socialists must be Ecosocialists”, in “The Global Fight for Climate Justice”, Ian Angus (ed.), and “Marxism, Energy, and Ecology: The Moment of Truth”, published in Capitalism Nature Socialism.
How to get the book
Post a cheque for the sum of £13 (£11 plus £2 p&p) made out to ‘Resistance’, along with your name and address, to Resistance Books, PO Box 62732, London, SW2 9GQ.
Alternatively, make an electronic payment to:
RESISTANCE – Account number: 7 0 1 8 6 2 9 7 – Sort code 0 8 – 0 2 – 2 8
and send an email to contact@socialistresistance.org with your name and address, and the date of the payment.
Resistance Books phone: 020 7346 8889 – www.resistancebooks.org

Maureen Childs reports on Age UK London Older People's Manifesto for the 2014 Local Elections Consultation Event.

Hi All
 I attended this meeting yesterday.
I am sending some details for those interested to give you an overview of one of AgeUK latest activities.
Age UK London Older People's Manifesto for the 2014 Local Elections Consultation Event. (Date: Thursday 28th November)
This event was for a manifesto covering the 2014 Local Elections and only policy and issues dealt with by local councils were discussed.
Areas of discussion: 
  • Social Care and Health
  • Learning and Leisure Services
  • Housing
  • Local Economy
  • Other Local Council Services
We were promised that the manifesto would be published and sent to local authorities, councils and MP's. At the last minute I asked for a meeting of local councilors to be held sometime in the future to ask if any of the points had been acted upon, and if not why not. (Ever the cynic.)
Maureen Childs MBCS BSc CITP FRSA
Tower Hamlets Green Party
Press Officer
mobile 07979 386683
email pressofficerthgreens@greenparty.org.ukthe Age UK London Older People's Manifesto for the 2014 Local Elections Consultation Event.