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Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 16 August 2019

Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting: Friday 16 August 2019 6pm meeting at the Green Room 7 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley 

 Present: P.Murry, , M. Childs currently had posting rights to the blog, Erwin Schaefer and Noel Lynch  invited

1.   Apologies: Jennifer Chan, Malcolm Bailey
2.  Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting:  Friday 17 May 2019 Agreed for accuracy.
Matters arising:
a)Problems with proposed use of older people as carers eg: wage rates, support with problems. Issue ongoing, not resolved.
b)Meeting of the Trade Union Clean Air Network (TUCAN), Thursday, June 20th, 2019, P.Murry attended. Minutes @ date of next meeting – Autumn 2019 tba.
c) Local GP contacts for London possible, still need to find out other regions: info sent to London local party contacts. M. Childs to contact regional co-ordinators via GP website.
d)London Federation meeting on 19/82019, at 7pm(doors open 6.30pm) at Living Space Waterloo, 1 Coral Street, SE1 7BE includes an EGM to reduce committee posts, noted that the current Media Officer post entailed a very heavy workload. .  Annual General meeting will be on Saturday 19 October from 11am at the Bolney Meadow Community Centre in Vauxhall
e)LOPSIG (?) now defunct, activities taken over by with Positive Ageing In London, which was run by Chris Walsh. It included reps from many seniors’ groups, including GS but there seemed to be no funding. M. Childs was looking into health & the NHS for this group.
f)   TfL proposals re truncating bus routes; meetings with TfL ongoing.
g)TV licenses , BBC to pay for licences for those aged 75+? Apparently only for those on benefits.
h)‘Toyboy Tax’ pensioners disqualified from benefits if they have a working Partner. Enacted, complaints reported about its application and appeals procedure.
i)   Amazon demo of voice activated IT devices, Barbican 13/6/2019. M. Childs attended  and reported as a good event.
j)   Brexit and Seniors: objections to stereotype that all older people are pro-Brexit and unconcerned about the environment. , Erwin Schaefer to write article for Autumn Conference Watermelon, deadline 31/8,articles of 500-1000 words needed.
k) Leaflets re making a ‘Green will’ available from Noel Lynch 
l)   M. Childs still trying to contact GP disabled people’s group.

3 Green Seniors’ membership list N.Lynch to update
4 Green Seniors’ social media
a)currently the GP website link goes to the Green Seniors’ blog @ which contains pages for GS  aims and committee. Maureen had been Promised a GP web page but nothing has happened (? See Appendix).
b) Posting rights for Gs blog currently P.Murry,&  M. Childs, Noel Lynch  & , Erwin Schaefer invited.
5.   GPEW Conference: spring 2019
a) Green Seniors’ meeting Jay Ginn spoke on Women’s Pension Rights’: a successful meeting.
b) Holistic Review proposals passed. NB this means we must review the constitution and send out notices announcing the next Green Seniors’ meeting as the AG|M, including invitations to stand  for committee posts

6)  GPEW Conference:autumn 2019
Newport - ICC Wales, 4-6 October 2019
The Agenda deadlines for Autumn Conference 2019 have been set by the Standing Orders Committee (SOC) as below. 

Agenda Deadline
18th July 2019
Pre-Agenda deadline: Final date for posting outlines of intended motions and policy papers to the Pre-Agenda forum on the new members website here

1st August 2019 
First Agenda deadline: Final date for submission of final text of motions and policy papers to SOC.
This can be done via a webform [link to follow] or by emailing
15th August 2019
Publication of the First Agenda, and opening of the Prioritisation Ballot [links to follow]
29th August 2019 
Final date for posting of amendments to the forums on the members’ website [links to follow]
5th September 2019

Final Agenda deadline
Final versions of amendments must be submitted - by a minimum of four co-proposers - via the webform [link to follow]
or email to 
12th September 2019
Final date for submission of Late Motions to Conference [link to follow]
19th September 2019 
Publication of the Final Agenda (latest)
dates for late & emergency motions?
The late motion deadline is? and must relate to an issue that has arisen since the closing of the Pre-Agenda Forum.
Emergency Motions do not have a deadline except that they must be before 6pm on the evening before and must relate to an issue that has arisen since the Late Motion deadline. 
b)   fringes and meetings: Secretary awaiting forms from head office
c)   stalls booked : Secretary has received forms, M. Childs to arrange for delivery of items for Green Seniors’ stall to P.Murry

d) Autumn Conference Watermelon deadline 31/8, articles of 500-1000 words P.Murry at

6 Future Green Seniors events & activities:
a)TUC LESE Pensioners' Network Seminar 2019 Update themed on Loneliness and Isolation Tuesday 3 September (10am – 3.30pm) @ TUC Congress House FREE admission but booking essential.  See
Article in RSA magazine re loneliness and isolation recommended
b)EE meeting on 5G and new technology at Portcullis House,  M. Childs to supply further details. NB booking essential.


a) British Computer Society asked by House of Lords for evidence that IT can assist with  well-being. Suggested that M. Childs contact Baroness Jones about this.
b) LB Barnet is abolishing the public right to speak at council meetings .(?) need to confirm

9 Date of Next meeting  8, 15 or 29 November M. Childs to investigate using Tavistock House as a venue

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